As a part of our environmental responsibility we have defined the following Environmental Policy; which acts as a guideline for the correct development of our environmental strategies.

Minminer’s Environmental Policy

We are dedicated to the production, value-adding processes and national and international marketing of steam coal, coking coal and coke, with an operation that’s environmentally and socially sustainable.

We make sure to use our natural resources wisely, to prevent contamination and to fulfill all legal requirements to maintain and improve our environmental performance, in addition to contributing to a sustainable development of our communities, the improvement of social equality and the conservation of the natural space where we operate.

In this way we commit to:

Continuously improve the exploitation process and the value-adding processes to prevent contamination which these activities cause.
Fulfill with all environmental legal requirements, together with other requirements that we commit to.
Conserve the hydrologic basins which exist in the area where we operate.
Protect the ecosystems that make part of our direct or indirect area of influence.
Establish strategies which constantly make our production more environmentally friendly.
Identify, evaluate and implement ways and environmental technologies which increase our production and minimize our environmental impact.
Reduce the consumption of energy, water and raw materials.
Prevent, reduce and control the generation of gas emissions, discharge of pollutants into water and the generation of solid wastes.
Spread and communicate our environmental policy and objectives to our entire personnel and the general public.