MINMINER S.A. is located in the municipalities of Sutatausa and Cucunuba, with an area of 507 hectares, with available reserves of approximately 49 million tons.

The mining is underground and we have 54 mine doors integrated into 7 subprojects. In the stratigraphic scale we have about 14 coal veins, between thermal and coking. The separation between them is 15 to 20 meters on average.

The advanced mining tasks are developed within the norms and requirements set by the national government guaranteeing the welfare and safety of its employees.

We have an installed capacity of producing around 60,000 tons of coal monthly.


We have a coke production of excellent quality metallurgical type, having as raw material coals of high, medium and volatile low, which are mixed in our mixing plant.

In the mixing plant, these three types of coal are homogenized and pulverized, guaranteeing a mixture of excellent quality and always homogeneous. Subsequently, the mixture is stored and distributed to the different coking plants.

Metallurgical coke is produced in hive-type kilns and we currently have around 300 kilns.